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What do I need in order to have a website?

Nothing that I can’t help with! You will need hosting (where your website resides online), a domain name (like and some content (a brochure, some notes, an outline, a list, etc.)

How much does hosting cost?

On Target offers wind-powered hosting for $90/year. This hosting offers unlimited storage and Email accounts. So, if your domain is, you could have an Email address such as, and as many others as you like! You can access that mail online and can have it forwarded to an Email account you may use all the time.

Who owns the domain name? What if I decide to go with another hosting company

Upon final payment, you will own your domain name and will be provided with all account usernames and passwords.

Can I get a copy of the site on disc for my files?

Yes. This is available for $35.

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How many samples of my design will I get to choose from?

As many as are needed to get the right design for you. Before we begin, I will get a feel for your business and your style as well as some specific preferences, so I’ll have a head-start.

Can I make changes to those samples?

Of course! We’re not finished until you’re happy.

What would $349 get me?

A customized site with approximately five pages, including a contact form and submission to local search engines, and assistance with SEO and content.

Will you accept payments?

Customarily, half of the contracted price of the project is due at signing (100% of hosting and domain is due) and the remainder at project completion. If you need to arrange a payment plan, let me know.

How long will it take for my website to be completed?

Some sites can be completed in a day or so (newly registered domain names may cause a delay). Most sites can be completed in less than 3 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, let me know! Of course, some of this depends upon you and your ability to provide the needed information in a timely fashion.

Can I make changes to the site when it is finished?

Absolutely! I’ll get your website draft completed, then one round of changes (to be submitted at one time) is included in all website designs and redesigns. After this, changes can be made and will be invoiced at $35/hour. You’ll be amazed how much I can do in one hour.

Will my site appear on Google and other search engines?

Much depends upon the quality and quantity of your site’s content. I will submit your site to DMOZ, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Yelp. Additional Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking Integration is available separately.

Can I update the site myself?

That is an option you can choose when we design your site.

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How much would you charge to update my site?


How will I know if my website is working the way I want it to?

As an added service, all sites are set up with Google Analytics so yo can monitor site traffic information such as, how many visitors you have had, how they found you, where they live, which pages on your site are the most popular, what keywords they are using to look for you, etc.

Is all your work done locally, or do you outsource to other countries?

All work is done locally.

What if I want to add more pages to my site someday?

I would be happy to help you with that. The range for one page is about $35-$100 depending on what your needs are.

Are there any recurring costs once the site is paid for?

The only recurring costs are for the domain name and hosting. When purchased through On Target, the cost is $100/year.

What do I do if I discover my site down?

In the unlikely event that your site is down, call, Chat Live or Email me.

Why do you charge sales tax to Texas customers?

State sales tax laws require me to collect and pay state sales tax.

Why is there a “retainer” clause on my contract?

Your contract may contain a provision to charge X amount of dollars for every month past 90 days from the contract date if all required information is not received. I have yet to invoke this provision. It is mostly there as an incentive to get things wrapped up as soon as possible so your website will be completed on time.

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