Get Your Groupon On!

Haven’t heard of Groupon yet?  It’s a place to get amazing discounts on products and services local to you.  The fun part is that the deal is only “on” if enough people buy into it.  92% off Fitness Training, anyone?  Aside from being a great way to save tons of money and learn about businesses you may never hear of otherwise, it’s a great way for people to learn about YOUR business!

It doesn’t cost anything to be featured.  Groupon makes its money by collecting a portion of what you make selling your Groupon deal, anywhere from 30% to 50%.  If there is not enough interest in your offer, no one is charged and the deal is off.  However, with Groupon’s expert marketing and extensive reach, I have to wonder if that has EVER happened!

There are several similar sites offering local coupon deals for Austin and/or San Antonio:

Happy bargain-hunting and if you have a great business-to-consumer product or service, consider getting yourself featured  Let me know if I can help!

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